Client email- Thank you…that’s wonderful! Greatly appreciate your time spent on my needs and wants. Great service! (June 2015)

Client email- ‘Thank you very much. Very good service. Thanks again!’ (Jan 2015)

Builder email- ‘Can’t thank you enough for helping our Client. Stove showed up on time and was put in place by your delivery guys,  professionally and without a problem. they’re real pros. Thank you.’ (July 2014)

Client feedback- ‘We did enjoy our time with you in the store and appreciate the time you spent with us. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround in sending information thru to us.’ (May 2014)

Client email- ‘Thank you so much for all your help with our appliances.  It is really appreciated.’ (July 2014)

Client email- ‘Many thanks. We got the stove hooked up this morning, gave the oven its prescribed baptism of fire before noon, and are cooking dinner on top of the range this evening. So far it has proven quite wonderful. And incidentally, it’s way better than the camp stove.’ (December 2013)

Client feedback- ‘Even understaffed your service is awesome!’ (October 2013)

Client email- ‘We are very happy with our new kitchen, we love the new appliances very much ! thanks again for all your assistance.’ (August 2013)

Client email- ‘Thanks we are very pleased with the products.’ (November 2012)

Client comment- ‘Many thanks as always for your help and wonderful self.’ (October 2012)

Client email- ‘We are now happily ensconced in our new house and loving it. We especially love our new Wolf cooktop!’ (January 2012)

Client email- ‘Many thanks for your professional help.’ (March 2011)

Client email- ‘I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for all of your help on the appliances.  You have been more help than you an imagine!’ (February 2010)

Client comment- ‘Thanks again…we certainly do enjoy doing business with you.’ (January 2010)

Client email- ‘Thank you very much for the prompt and great service.’ (January 2010)

Client email- ‘We are enjoying learning all our new toys. Hubby loves the ice and water features on the fridge and the space inside is wonderful. The Easy Set Guides are helpful with learning the features on the micro/wall oven. Thank you for all your help.’ (December 2009)

Client email- ‘Hello and good morning, First, I would like to say thank you to yourself and your staff for putting up with me and the builders’ wife. The delivery team of two young guys were fabulous.  Initial reaction was panic, they are young and inexperienced, but was I wrong.  They had to work in very tight quarters and we were all impressed.  They both were very personable and made delivery a pleasant experience. The installers went above and beyond and I thank them for being dedicated to customer satisfaction.   The two guys really were great. Overall a great experience from beginning to end.’ (September 2009)