What are you keeping in your bathroom that you shouldn’t?

The damp and warm environment of a bathroom can cause a lot of damage to your belongings. 

Linens – Linens absorb the humidity  in the room and begin to smell. It is suggested you keep your linens in a closet away from the bathroom.

Perfume & colognes – Keeping your perfume & colognes in your bathroom actually hastens its oxidization which causes it to go bad. You may notice a change in it’s appearance as well as smell.

Jewelry–  Jewelry does not do well in humid environments. The humidity can cause metals to oxidize faster leading to tarnished & rusted jewelry.

Nail Polish– The irregular temperatures in the bathroom can cause your nail polish to break down faster. It is suggested you keep them in the fridge or at a regulated room temperature.

Make Up & Make Up Brushes– It is recommended you store your make up in a cool dry place as the heat will shorten its shelf life. As for the brushes, the humid environment can promote growth of bacteria and fungi.

Razors – Humidity will oxidize the blades causing them to rust and dull.

Medication & Vitamins – Dispite the common household “medicine cabinet” which is generally located in the bathroom, medications should be stored in a cool dry area. Heat and humidity can reduce the effectiveness and shelf life.

Books & Magazines – Humidity can damage paper very quickly causing mold, mildew and damage to the appearance.

Electronics – Moisture can wreck havoc on the sensitive components of  electronics. It is best to use waterproof electronics specifically designed for humid environments.